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maureen lloyd

Maureen Lloyd

About the Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer/CFO oversees all financial operations of the Liberty Local School District. The Treasurer also serves as Public Records Officer and reports directly to the Board of Education.  Major functions of the Treasurer's Office include - Annual Budget Reporting, Financial Forecasting, Grants Management, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgets/Appropriations, Fixed Assets Inventory, Insurance - Liability/Property/Fleet, Employee Benefits, Public Records, and Student Activities.

The statutory duties of the Treasurer are set forth in ORC sections 3313.22 through 3313.32. The residents of the district depend on the Treasurer’s office to invest district funds wisely, provide accurate financial information, and ensure that the funds of the district are spent within the limits of the law.

While the Treasurer’s office staff performs the day-to-day operations, they also deal with daily ordeals within the District. Since the Treasurer’s Office provides a service, many of the phone calls are related to the following: “I didn’t receive my paycheck.”, “Where is the purchase order I sent over?”, “I need more money for building repairs and educational supplies.”. The Treasurer must ensure that the office staff is continually motivated to deal effectively and positively with people - not only to satisfy the customer but to ensure that the students have an effective learning environment.

The Treasurer’s office strives to provide efficient service to the District, its employees, students, and the public.

Treasurer's Office Staff
Jacob Spain
Payroll & Insurance Benefits

Diana Ghizzoni
Accounts Payable/Student Activities

Public Records Request, Policy & Retention/Disposal

The Treasurer/CFO is the official custodian of records:
Maureen Lloyd
Liberty Local School District
4115 Shady Road
Youngstown, OH 44505

Public Records LLSD Policy 8310.

Public Records Request Form



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