Homework Policy

I usually assign a math homework assignment on Mondays-Thursdays. 

Students will write the assignment in their planner each day, but you can also keep track of homework assignments with the calendar on this page. I will update it each day.

The majority of the homework that I assign is designed to be a short review of past concepts. I believe it is essential for children to continually practice the skills we work on in class to keep it fresh in their minds. The homework is never meant to frustrate, and it should not take more than 20-25 minutes. Please contact me if your child is having difficulty with the nightly assignments.

My homework policy is simple. If a student fails to complete the assignment or forgets to bring it to school, he/she will receive a "strike," which serves as a warning. A student may earn up to 3 strikes without a consequence. Upon the 4th strike, the child will be issued a detention. 

Each time a child earns a homework strike, I will staple a slip in his/her planner as a way to communicate with you.