FITNESSGRAM supports students in learning about and measuring components of health-related fitness: aerobic endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. The FITNESSGRAM assessment, which produces reports for students and for parents, is designed specifically to work in conjunction with the Physical Best curriculum.

In 2009, the Liberty Local Schools licensed with the FITNESSGRAM program from the Cooper Institute and Human Kinetics, publishers of the Physical Bestcurriculum. 

The LIBERTY FITNESSGRAM report summarizes each student's performance on fitness assessments and suggests ways to help them to reach the "Healthy Fitness Zone" (optimal performance for better health based on their age and gender). Unlike many traditional fitness assessments, students who participate in LIBERTY FITNESSGRAM are measured based on individual performance and personal improvement, and are not judged against each other or a standardized norm. LIBERTY FITNESSGRAM supports teachers and students in effectively setting and managing personal and collective fitness goals. 

Every student at LIBERTY, grades K-12, participate in the program with grades 3 - 12 completing each assessment with a personal fitness plan.  The reports are printed and placed in the students fitness folder and follows him/ her from grade to grade.  The LIBERTY FITNESSGRAM software not only assesses each student, but compares the students previous scores and gives specific feedback of ways to continue improving their overall health-related fitness.  The Data is recorded and a district statistics sheet is developed for each heath-related category.  Liberty Local Schools Health and Physical Education Department use this data to incorporate strategies in their classes to improve those scores.



The assessment items are as follows:

Aerobic Capacity

  • PACER test
  • One-mile run/walk
  • Walk test (ages 13 or greater)

Body Composition (may select one option)

  • Percent body fat (calculated from triceps and calf skinfolds)
  • Body mass index (calculated from height and weight)

Muscular Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility

  • Abdominal strength and endurance (curl-up)
  • Trunk extensor strength and endurance (trunk lift)
  • Upper body strength and endurance (choose from push-up, modified pull-up, and flexed arm hang)
  • Flexibility (choose from back-saver sit-and-reach and shoulder stretch)