Leopards Den


The Leopards Den is a $100,000 fitness center recently installed in the commons mezzanine in 2016 through the National Foundation of Governors fitness Council grant.  The grant was put together by Gary Hendrick, WS Guy physical education teacher, and three very accomplished Leopards: Ahmaad Ameriah, Abdel Yusuf, and Matt Coppolla.

The fitness center consists of 34 machines including 14 cable machines, 8 abdominal benches, 4 plyo boxes, 2 elipitcals, 2 stationary bikes, and the famous monkey bar set.  

The Leopard Den is used throughout the day and is incorporated into our physical education department grades 3-8.  Before and after school, many staff members take advantage of the fitness center as well as our after school extracurricular activities. 



Liberty Local Schools were recipients of the 1200-square-foot area of the William S. Guy Middle School gymnasium known as "The Mezzanine", the Don’t Quit Fitness Center includes 34 pieces of equipment and is set up in a timed circuit training approach.  The program targets middle school and elementary school students who will be able to access 

the area during school day.  The facility allows students to use exercise machines before, during and after school.  Liberty is one of three districts in the state to be awarded a Don’t Quit Fitness Center.  The school was picked based on need and for the innovative ways it was promoting fitness and nutrition.  The grant, supported without taxpayer funds, entirely through corporate sponsors, provided set-up and installation of the facility.  The other Ohio schools receiving new fitness centers were in Cleveland and Toledo.

“A decision changes everything, and when you decide to make a change in your life, that’s when change happens,” said Steinfeld, who represents the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils.



The Leopards Den