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Gary W. Hendrick Jr

Physical Education Teacher & Coach
Liberty Local Schools
1 Leopard Way
Youngstown, Ohio  44505
Office:  330-759-2301 Ext.1160
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 I began teaching at E.J. Blott Elementary in the fall of 2004-2011 and was responsible for teaching physical education grades K-4...  In 2006, Liberty Local Schools implemented the CATCH PROGRAM (Coordinated Approach to Childs Health) to better serve our students in regards to their overall wellness as a human being.  The purpose of the CATCH PROGRAM is to incorporate a focus on wellness, not only in PE, but throughout our schools environment.

In the school year 2012-13 I took a teaching position at the high school through the Physical Education Department where I developed a weight training program, which is still being ran today. In 2009, the Liberty Local Schools licensed with the FITNESSGRAM program from the Cooper Institute and Human Kinetics, publishers of the Physical Best curriculum. 

The LIBERTY FITNESSGRAM report summarizes each student's performance on fitness assessments and suggests ways to help them to reach the "Healthy Fitness Zone" (optimal performance for better health based on

their age and gender). Unlike many traditional fitness assessments, students who participate in LIBERTY FITNESSGRAM are measured based on individual performance and personal improvement, and are not judged against each other or a standardized norm. LIBERTY FITNESSGRAM supports teachers and students in effectively setting and managing personal and collective fitness goals. 

Every student at LIBERTY, grades K-12, participate in the program with grades 3 - 12 completing each assessment with a personal fitness plan.  The reports are printed and placed in the students fitness folder and follows him/ her from grade to grade.  The LIBERTY FITNESSGRAM software not only assesses each student, but compares the students previous scores and gives specific feedback of ways to continue improving their overall health-related fitness.  The Data is recorded and a district statistics sheet is developed for each heath-related category.  Liberty Local Schools Health and Physical Education Department use this data to incorporate strategies in their classes to improve those scores. 


In the school year 2018-2019 I decided to move to the 7-12 school school building where I am currently the 7-12 grade physical education and fitness center coordinator.  I am responsible for the designing, instructing, and planning of the middle school physical education curriculum grades 7-12.  The curriculum is guided by the Health and Physical Education course of study standards, adopted by the ODE in 2011.   In 2016, Liberty Local Schools were recipients of , the Don’t Quit Fitness Center a 1200-square-foot area of the William S. Guy Middle School gymnasium known as "The Mezzanine" includes 34 pieces of equipment worth $100,000 and is set up in a timed circuit training approach.  The program targets middle school and elementary school students who will be able to access 

the area before, during and after school.  Liberty is one of three districts in the state of Ohio to be awarded a Don’t Quit Fitness Center.  The grant, supported without taxpayer funds, entirely through corporate sponsors, provided set-up and installation of the facility.  The other Ohio schools receiving new fitness centers were in Cleveland and Toledo.

“A decision changes everything, and when you decide to make a change in your life, that’s when change happens,” said Steinfeld, who represents the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils.

  • Husband and father of twins Dominic and Leah Hendrick.

  • I am currently a member of AAHPHERD and it's affiliate Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

  • Presented at the Ohio Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance state convention.

  • Recognized as a Physical Best Health-Fitness Specialist on the eleventh day of October, 2002.

  • Certified as a CATCH PROGRAM (Coordinated Approach to Childs Health) Coordinator.

  • CPR, Pupil Activity, and Concussion Protocal Certified

  • Junior High 7/8 Football Coach and Junior High 7 grade Boys Basketball Coach

  • Recipeint of $100,000 Don't Quit! Fitness Center Coordinator 

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