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Bus Routes 2023-2024

Transportation Forms

PK-1 Transportation Policy Opt Out Forms

When will the bus pick my child up?
Liberty Local Schools encourages parents to have their children at their assigned bus stop five to ten minutes prior to their assigned pick up time.

When will my child be dropped off?
The buses will leave the school about 10 minutes after dismissal.
Liberty 7-12 dismissal is at 2:15 p.m.
Liberty PK-6 dismissal is at 3:10 p.m.

  • Please understand your student’s safety is our number one priority.  All of our drivers are trained with the utmost care and make sure they are driving the safest speed per what road conditions allow.

  • If the bus stop happens to be in front of your home, your student still needs to be standing outside.

  • Note: If your student is the only student at the bus stop and the student is NOT outside, the bus will go on.  If the bus leaves because the student is NOT outside, it will NOT circle back and transportation to school will be the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility.

  • Calling to inform us of this does not guarantee a circle back pick up.

Any questions please call the transportation department 330-759-7450.

PK-1 Transportation Policy

Students will be released only to the assigned parent/guardian as established at the time of registration. Should the address change, the parent must contact the school principal to verify the change of address. For the child’s safety, the designated address will be used for the bus stop. No alternative bus stops will be used. In situations where a parent/guardian wishes to remove a child from a bus, they must make prior arrangements with the building principal in time for the principal to issue a permission slip to the parent. The permission slip must be presented to the bus driver along with a form of photo identification. No student will be released anywhere but the established stops once the bus has departed the loading area going to and from school. 

No child in PK-1 will be released at a stop unless the bus driver is visibly assured a parent/guardian is home to receive the child. PK-1 parents/guardians are required to meet their child at the bus stop or make prior arrangements through the building principal for an established guardian to meet the child. The building principal must then advise the transportation department of the change. 

In cases where there is no one home to meet the child (PK-1), the bus driver shall keep the student on the bus and return the child to the building principal. If the building principal is not available, the child will be returned to the transportation supervisor. If the transportation supervisor is not available, the child will be left with the superintendent. The administrator will attempt to contact the parent/guardian or designee. If the district is unable to reach the parent/guardian or designee, the child will be remanded to the Liberty Police Department with a referral to children's services. If a parent/guardian is not home to receive a PK-1 child off of the bus on two occasions in a 10 day period or three times throughout the school year, a meeting with the principal will be scheduled with the family. 


● Preschool and kindergarten students may be dropped off without parental supervision ONLY IF they have an older sibling (grades 2-12) who is being dropped off at the same bus stop, on the same day and at the same time. On days when the older sibling is not present on the bus, the PK-K parent/guardian MUST be home to receive the child. An opt out form must also be completed and approved by the district. 

● First grade students may be dropped off with parental supervision ONLY IF an opt out form is completed and approved by the district.