Blott Guy PK-6 students’ artwork to appear on Liberty Township emergency vehicles

fire truck

Youngstown, OH -- Earlier this spring, students at Liberty’s Blott Guy PK-6 participated in the Liberty Township Fire Department’s license plate decorating contest.

Each student in first and second grade received a paper license plate template to design and color.  After the license plates were completed, members of the Liberty Township Fire Department picked them up and returned them to the station for voting.

"We're very excited to be able to be a part of the community and interact with the students at Liberty! With the global pandemic, we wanted to still have a fun interactive way to teach and showcase these projects created by the children of the community,” said Liberty Township Fire Chief Gus Birch.

The following students’ designs were selected to appear on the fronts of Liberty Township’s fire trucks and ambulances:















“We love that our students get these opportunities to be able to collaborate with the Liberty Fire Department and to be part of something this special,” said principal Andrew Scarmack.

The paper license plates will be laminated and affixed to the Liberty Township fire trucks and ambulances.

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