Leopard Cyber Academy

Last Updated: 6/17/2021 12:17 AM

Leopard Cyber Academy (LCA) is a blended and flexible educational option offered to district and open-enrollment students from grades 7 – 12. The online program offers students the opportunity to earn credits toward graduation from Liberty High School by working and completing internet-based courseware outside the brick and mortar of a traditional school setting. The program does include some required onsite attendance at the LCA  classroom/computer lab to ensure timely mentoring and monitoring of student progress by the highly qualified LCA staff. The cyber program’s internet-based curriculum, Apex Learning, provides proven research-based instruction aligned to the rigorous Ohio Academic Content Standards and/or Common Core State Standards. Liberty Local Schools strives to provide a rigorous curriculum consisting of courses in English, math, science, social studies, and elective courses. 


You can learn more about LCA by clicking on the Links area of this page to view the new Apex Learning/LCA course catalog, request an intake meeting, and review the revised Policy and Procedure Guide.

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Editable Study Guides and Worksheets

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Math 8: Mentoring Video Help

Math 8; Unit 4: Solving Linear Equations

Math 8; Unit 6: Volume of Spheres

Math 8; Unit 6: Volume of
Cones and Cylinders

Math 8; Unit 6: Parallel Lines and
Angle Relationships

Math 8; Unit 6: Pythagorean Theorem

Math 8; Unit 7: Transformations



Unit 3.4.1 Geometry

Unit 4; Lesson 1: Trigonometric Ratios

Unit 4; Lesson 2: Law of Cosine



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