Google Apps

Last Updated: 9/23/2020 9:08 PM

Google Apps Sign In Page

Google Apps for Education is available for all of our students in grades K-12. 

Account Information for Students

  • Your user name is the same as your network (computer) logon name. 

  • Your password is lib1 plus your student ID number (lunch number).

Problems with account?  Email Google Administrator and make sure to include in email the following:

  • Your name
  • Grade
  • Student ID number
  • Date of Birth
  • Home phone number

So what is Google Apps for Education?

  • Google Apps for Education is a free, but powerful, suite of online programs provided by Google for schools.
  • It is used by hundreds of school districts and universities around Ohio, the country, and the world.
  • It includes such programs as:
    • Gmail - to communicate with teachers and collaborate with classmates
    • Google Calendar - to organize daily activities
    • Google Documents - a word processing program similar to Microsoft Word
      • How to share documents
    • Google Spreadsheets - a spreadsheet program similar to Microsoft Excel
    • Google Presentations - a multimedia presentation program similar to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • It allows users to share documents, so students can electronically turn in assignments to teachers and can collaborate with classmates on group projects.