Field Trip Instructions

Last Updated: 11/28/2018 1:28 PM

Nonroutine Bus Trip Instructions for Chaperones and Coaches

Aisles and Exits:

Drivers will point out the location of emergency exits in the bus including basic instructions on how to open the exits.  Emergency exits and service doors may NOT be blocked-equipment may NOT be stored in the aisle or in any location that blocks the exits.

Emergency Equipment:

Drivers will show the location of the first aid kit, fluid cleanup kit, fire extinguisher, flares and reflective triangles.  Drivers will also demonstrate the use of the emergency override switch for air or electric service doors.

General Rules:

The drivers will emphasize the requirement to remain seated.  No eating and no drinking; silence at railroad crossings and the need to follow directions from the bus driver.  This applies to coaches, chaperones and students equally.


The bus driver is ultimately responsible for the vehicle and passengers but the chaperone/coach plays an important role in avoiding unnecessary distractions and safety violations.  Chaperones/coaches should space themselves throughout the bus in order to effectively monitor student behavior. Chaperones/coaches must make it a priority to remind students to remain properly seated at all times, keep noise to a minimum, maintain complete silence at railroad crossings, keep the aisles and exits clear at all times and to keep the bus clean.