Liberty student travels to Denmark to participate in program promoting peace

Kara Andre

This summer, 11 year-old Kara Andre boarded a plane and headed to Roskilde, Denmark.  The Guy Jr. High seventh grader, who is a member of the global organization Children’s International Summer Village (CISV), was among four 11 year-olds selected from the Northeast Ohio chapter of CISV to represent the United States at one of CISV’s international programs.

Eleven year olds from thirteen different countries participated in the 28 day camp known as Village.  Andre was one of four kids, who were selected to make up the United States delegation. Once in Denmark, students were not allowed to use any technology, make phone calls or write letters.  They immersed themselves in the peace education, which provides the participants with the attitudes, skills and knowledge to become agents of change.

“Being a part of this organization, I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my leadership skills.  I’ve also been able to talk more easily with strangers and understand other cultures,” said Kara Andre.

There are four content areas of Peace Education in CISV programs including diversity, human rights, sustainable development and conflict and resolution.  During Andre’s time in Denmark, she learned about conflict and resolution and what can be done to bring a more peaceful resolution to certain situations. Through different activities and exercises, the participants were challenged to find the leaders within themselves and work as a team to resolve issues without help from adults.  In addition the the educational programming, Andre got to spend time exploring parts of Denmark and even stay with a host family for two weekends.

Since she’s been back, Andre has talked to her local chapter, NEO CISV, about her trip.  They even hosted a welcome back party for her and 13 other kids who attended international camps through CISV this summer.  She hopes to educate students in Liberty about her experience and in the future, she hopes to be selected to attend other international camps through CISV.


KaraAndre KaraAndre1 KaraAndre

Kara Andre Kara Andre Kara Andre


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