Kindergarten students learn about giving ahead of holiday season


Kindergarten students at Blott Guy PK-6 are learning an important lesson ahead of the holiday season.  Students are reading the story ‘A Man on a Bench’, which details the life of a homeless man, who lives on a bench until a shelter is built.

The story is serving as a conversation starter between the district’s kindergarten teachers and their students about basic needs - food, shelter and water.  As the holiday season approaches, it’s natural for children to want the latest toys or holiday treats. However, not all people are fortunate enough to have their basic needs fulfilled, let alone receive presents and snacks.

Through December 10, the district’s kindergarten students will be encouraged to complete extra chores at home and school to raise money for charity.  The idea is that students will earn money that will be donated to those in need. The Pennies for Chores Program will not only help the kindergarten students understand the importance of giving, it will also benefit Toys for Tots, which gifts toys to students in need during the holiday season.


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