Liberty Schools announces 2018-2019 instructional fees

Liberty Local Schools is significantly increasing its use of educational technology in the classroom in an effort to enhance student learning. This school year, the district will be at a one-to-one Chromebook-to-student ratio at Guy Jr. High and Liberty High School.  All students in grades 7-12 will have their own individual Chromebook.

Paperwork has been sent home with each student about the program and the $50 fee.  The $50 fee includes an insurance policy and Chromebook case. No student will be denied a Chromebook as the district rolls out its program over the next several days if the $50 fee is not immediately initiated. However, payment must be initiated either partially or in full by October 1, 2018.  Payments can be made in increments. The district administration will work with families as long as the payment is initiated.

Keep in mind, students will not receive a Chromebook if the required paperwork is not signed and returned by both the family and the student.  All students and their families must sign off on the paperwork to participate in the Chromebook program.

Over the next four years, the Liberty Board of Education will never raise the $50 fee for the Chromebook program.  However, the board may lower the cost of the program or waive the fee entirely for all students in grades 7-12. Additionally, after four years, the Liberty School Board will recycle the chromebooks and students who have participated in the program all four years will be able to keep their Chromebook.  Additionally, the Liberty Board of Education may choose to decrease the recycling time of the program from four years to three years and again, the students who have participated all three years will will receive their Chromebook. High school students who graduate before the recycling period of either four or three years may purchase the chromebook for a reduced cost that will be established at the time of graduation for those students.

The district has amended its instructional materials fee structure for all students. For students 7-12, the chromebook technology fee of $50 is the only fee required this year. Any other instructional, class, or materials fees have been waived. At Blott -Guy PK-6, the flat fee of $10 for each student remains as the only materials or instructional fee required.

All 7-12 families who have already sent in individual academic or class fees for their children will be issued back their checks.  

The new fee structure is cost-effective for our families.  The district’s goal is to reduce the overall costs our students and families pay for various programs in the district.  The fee structure modification does not include extracurricular activities, field trips, band/choir fees, etc.


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