Liberty students make and sell blankets to fund Washington D.C. trip

Liberty student makes fleece blanket.

Students at Liberty’s Guy Jr. High are hoping to bring warmth to people this winter while raising funds for their upcoming trip to Washington D.C.

Students in Leslie Isler’s eighth grade American history classes are set to visit our nation’s capital this spring.  In an effort to help offset the costs of the trip, students in her class have found ways to raise money. This year, Isler’s students came up with the idea to make and sell fleece blankets.

After doing some research, the class realized the cost of fabric was too expensive to take on the project alone.  However, that did not deter the kids. Instead, they turned to the community. Each student, wrote a personal letter to a Liberty business owner asking for assistance to purchase the fabric.  The students sent out 90 letters and received a little over $1000 in donations. From there, the students researched the most responsible way to spend their donations. They used their Chromebooks to determine the cost of different types of fleece.  They compared stores, types of fleece and prices of fleece. Then, they choose what fabric was best for the project and the price point at which they needed to sell the blankets. Ultimately, the students found an expensive fleece fabric that was on sale and decided on charging $25 per blanket.

Throughout the experience, the students were able to learn many valuable lessons including design, planning, production, cost analysis, distribution and entrepreneurship. The students raised just about $1,000 for their trip, which will allow them to pay for all three T-shirts they plan to wear.


Liberty students make fleece blankets.


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