What is DRUND?


Drund is a secure, private online networking system which connects members of our school community in one centralized location. 

Currently, all teachers, administrators, parents, and students in grades 5-12 have access to Drund. 

This online community allows us to post information pertinent to the Liberty Local School District directly to our timeline.


Advantages of using Drund:

·         Mobile App or PC so you are connected anywhere.

·         Updates of what is happening at school.

·         Direct Message anyone in the school community (teacher, parent, student, administrator, booster club, etc.).

·         Access to all organizations your child is a member of or wants to join.

·         Direct access to the booster clubs of all sports and activities.


Search Liberty Leopards in your app store for image above.

For Students:

Your username is the same as your school computer username.

Your password is your student ID number.


For Parents/Guardians: 

Current users:

Your username is your firstname.lastname. (Ex: John Smith use john.smith)

Your password is the birthday of your youngest child in Liberty Schools as of November 15, 2014. 

    Password Format: Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year) - Month and day is all single digit (no zero format).  

    Password Examples:  If your youngest child's birthday is March 9, 2007, you would enter 392007.


*You can change your password once you logon.


New user accounts will be set up by September 18, 2015.


If you still experience problems accessing account after that date please do the following:

Email our Technology Coordinator, Tony Daniels at tony.daniels@neomin.org

In the subject line type DRUND ACCOUNT

Please provide the following information in your email:

·        Your First and Last Name

·        Student Name(s)

·        Student Date of Birth

·        Your home address


Go to sites.liberty.k12.oh.us for further information