ProgressBook PA

ProgressBook is a program used for Parents and Students to obtain current grades.

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To view a video of this procedure, go to:

Click Image for Log on Page


Instructions for NEW ProgressBook access:

  • The Parent Access for ProgressBook allows YOU to create your own username and password by using a registration key.
  • Parents and students that have not registered using the registration key will receive their registration keys early October to create your own account in ProgressBook.  This registration key will be mailed to parents and hand delivered to students.
  • If you have MORE THAN ONE CHILD attending Liberty Local Schools, you will receive a letter for each child.  Each registration key is unique to each child. 
  • Create ONLY one account. (Follow How to Create Your Parent Access Account below)  PLEASE DO NOT CREATE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS   When you log onto Parent Access after creating your initial account, click on Manage Students and then go to Link a new student. Enter the appropriate information in the fields.


Click on links below for tutorials on how to get started:

Instructions if you forgot your user name and/or password:

  • Click on ProgressBook ParentAccess image above.
  • Click the link Can't access your account?
  • Select the appropriate phrase and follow instructions.

Parent and Student Benefits: 

  • Easily view student averages, assignment details, homework, participation, teacher messages, attendance, teacher web pages, and more

  • Parents can view all of their children’s progress from a single logon

  • Students can have separate logon accounts from parents to monitor their own progress 

  • Monthly planner helps organize students’ homework and extra-curricular activities 

  • Easy access to contact information, allowing parents and teachers to readily communicate 

  • Encourage students to be accountable for their educational responsibilities 

  • Immediately identify and communicate with teachers about potential errors on assignment marks 

  • Routinely monitor student attendance and tardiness ‚Äč


 You may request a registration key by Email Tony Daniels, the Technology Coordinator
DO NOT request registration keys by email until after Oct 15th.
Please allow time for letters containing your registration key to be mailed. 

When requesting ProgressBook Registration Key, you must include the following information:

Your First and Last Name:

Student Name(s):

Student's Date of Birth:

Your home address: