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Purposes and Guidelines for Web Content and Use
Purposes of District Web Site Include:
1. Educational -
Content provide in the web site should be suitable and usable by students and teachers to support the curriculum and course of studies of the district.

2. Informational-
Content provides information for students, teachers, staff, parents of students and the community concerning schedules, events, curriculum and courses of study and policies, etc. Provide a repository for various applications and forms used by students, teachers, staff and parents of students in the normal course of operations. (Note- information presented on or implied by this web site shall not supersede any policy of the Liberty Local Schools Board of Education or any contracts (including but not limited to: collective bargaining, personnel contracts, purchase or sales agreements and athletic conferences commitments) entered into by Liberty Local Schools Board of Education.)

3. Communication-
Serves a means for the district to communicate information concerning the district and its activities to the members of the community and other parties that may be affected by the district's activities. Examples might include, but not be limited to, the posting of school closings or delays due to weather conditions.

Guidelines for Posting of Materials to the District Web Site:
1. All materials must meet the provisions of the federal Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

2. All materials shall be in compliance with Board of Education policies, bylaws, operating procedures, Federal and State of Ohio statutes that Board operates under.

3. No photographs or other information identifying individual students will be posted without prior written permission of the student's parent(s) or guardian(s) or the student (for students over 18 years of age). Any material dealing with students shall also be in compliance with Board Policy section 5000 "Students"

4. All materials should meet the purpose of district web sites as outlined above

5. No posting of materials contrary to the rules prohibiting commercial, political or financial as listed above.

6. Posting of grades, test results or similar materials for individual students will be done only within a well-defined framework of a secure, password protected access system limited to the student's parent(s), guardians(s), teacher(s), administrator(s) and/or the individual student.

7. Control of the posting of materials and editing of pages will remain with the Superintendent and/or his or her appointee(s)..