Please contact the appropriate school listed below for an appointment

Grades K - 4

E.J. Blott Elementary School
4003 Shady Road 
Youngstown, Ohio  44505 
Phone (330) 759-1053
Fax (330) 759-9151 

Guidance – Judith Stoecker 

Grades 5 - 8

W.S. Guy Middle School 
4115 Shady Road  
Youngstown, Ohio  44505 
Phone (330) 759-1733
Fax (330) 759-4507  

Guidance –  Kristie Sallee 

Grades 9 - 12

Liberty High School
1 Leopard Way
Youngstown, Ohio  44505 
 Phone (330) 759-2301
Fax (330) 759-4506

Guidance – Heather Vail

Admission Requirements
You must make an appointment to register your child and you must provide the following required documentation at the time of registration:

1.    Original Birth Certificate of the child with the official raised seal

2.    Social Security Card of the child

3.    Immunization Records

4.    Custody papers/court documents, if applicable. You must provide the most recent time-stamped court  document/journal entry.

  • If child is in the custody of a parent, the most recent time-stamped court document with the case number must be provided that lists the residential parent for school purposes.
  • If the child is court/foster placed, the guardian must provide a current time-stamped court document with the case number indicating guardianship/custody. Any documentation placing the student with Children Services must accompany this form and should name the school district responsible for education of the child.

5.    Photo ID of the parent/guardian: Valid Ohio Driver's License or Ohio Identification Card

6.    TWO (2) CURRENT (within 30 days) Proofs of Residency from the list below:

  • Purchase Agreement (generic form not accepted)
  • Lease Agreement (generic form not accepted) Landlord's name & phone number must be on the lease agreement.
  • Current utility billing statement (gas, electric, water,phone, cable, internet) indicating name and address (NOTE: If only a cell phone number, must have a copy of the recent billing statement)
  • Voter Registration document
  • Trumbull County Human Services document
  • Tax Duplicate indicating ownership
  • W-2 form from place of employment

    7.   Records from the school the child previously attended:

  •    A copy of the child's last progress report
  •    High School students must provide their most recent transcript
  •    The child's most recent IEP/ETR, 504 Plan, etc., if applicable
  •    Verification of withdrawal from the child's previous school

Registration Definitions

Birth Certificate: A state-issued certified birth certificate with the official raised seal. Copies are not acceptable.

Social Security Card: A copy will be made for the student’s permanent folder

Immunization Records: A physician’s verification of immunizations

Parent/Guardian Proof of Identity  Driver's License or Ohio ID Card

Lease Agreement: If you rent or lease your place of residence, submit a legal lease/rental agreement that bears the parent/guardian’s name and address, as well as the landlord’s or rental/leasing agency’s name and contact number.  Liberty Local School District bears the right to contact leasing agency and/or landlord to verify. Once the student is enrolled in Liberty Local SD, the parent/guardian is required to provide to the Liberty Local SD an updated lease/rental agreement each time your agreement expires.

Proof of Residency: Any two (2) of the following are acceptable as proof of residency providing they are current:

    1.    Purchasing agreement (generic form not accepted) – If you own your home, a signed purchase contract that bears your name and address must be presented (e.g., deed, final purchase agreement, promissory note, mortgage closing bank statements).

    2.    Utility billing statement (gas, electric, water, phone , cable, internet, insurance etc.) statement indicating  name and address (current within a  month of registration)

    3.    Voter registration document

    4.    Trumbull County Human Services document

    5.    Tax duplicate indicating ownership

    6.    W-2 form from place of employment

Withdrawal Papers: Withdrawal papers are needed from the previous school with the most current grades along with the previous district’s contact information.  

Transcript of Grades/Report Card: Official transcript of grades, along with grades in progress if the move takes place during the school year, are needed.  Liberty High School will request the official transcripts from the previous district.

Testing Documentation: For Ohio Residents: OGT or End of Course Exams for grades 9-12, Next Generation Assessments for grades 3-8, KRA  Assessments for KG, Third Grade Reading Guarantee Diagnostic Results for Grades K-3

Special Services: Most recent IEP/ETRl; Speech; 504 Plan, Gifted, LEP, or any records pertaining to this student obtaining special services

Disciplinary Records: No student currently under expulsion will be permitted to enroll

Open Enrollment Students: Please refer to Open Enrollment guidelines given at application time (regarding programs, athletic eligibility etc.)  Open enrollment students must provide their own transportation to and from school. Open enrollment students must be registered at their district of residence.

REV.  2/2015